The Franklin Crate Company’s Equal Opportunity for Black Workers

The Franklin Crate Company’s Equal Opportunity for Black Workers

Franklin Crate Company in Micanopy

The Franklin Crate Company, located at 311 Ne Bay Ave, was a major employer in Micanopy, Florida during the early 20th century. The company produced wooden crates and boxes for agricultural products such as citrus fruits and vegetables, and employed a significant number of Black workers.

During the era of racial segregation in the United States, Black workers were often relegated to lower-paying, less skilled jobs than their white counterparts. However, at the Franklin Crate Company, Black workers were able to attain positions of greater responsibility and higher wages.

Many Black workers at the Franklin Crate Company lived in the nearby community of Rochelle, which was a predominantly Black community. The company provided transportation for workers from Rochelle to the factory in Micanopy, which helped to ensure that Black workers had access to employment opportunities.

Despite the challenges of segregation and discrimination, the Franklin Crate Company was an important employer for Black residents of Micanopy and Rochelle, providing stable jobs and economic security for many families. Today, the site of the former Franklin Crate Company is a reminder of the important role that Black workers played in the agricultural economy of Florida and of the challenges they faced in achieving economic and social equality.

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