Black Families

Not Just Another Country Preacher

As a young man growing up in Flemington, Leroy S. Chandler used to ride his bicycle nine miles to Micanopy.

Mattie Lou Sutton

Mattie Lou Sutton Harris

Mattie Lou Sutton Harris was born in Micanopy at home, delivered by a mid-wife. The year was 1941, the same.

Micanopy Is Home – Carrie Herring

Carrie's grandparents Mamie and Hilary moved her family to Micanopy, Florida around 1918 just after her mother Carrie Bell was born.

Micanopy FLorida

Why Are the Cemeteries in Micanopy Segregated?

Are the cemeteries in Micanopy segregated? Not in the - we still believe in separation of the races- kind of way.

The Flournoy Family

Otis and Luella Flournoy began their family in 1940 and that union produced eight children; Odessa, Lucille, Otis, Charlie, Beulah, Orian, Joyce and Melvin.

The Cafe’ Society Juke Joint in Micanopy

Yvonne Patterson was just three years old when her parents Maudie & Thomas Fred Climpson opened the Café Society Juke.

Colored Family Creates a Spectacle

Three miles southwest of Micanopy lives David Reeves and wife, both of whom are coal black.

Micanopy Woman Sues Town Marshal for False Imprisonment

38-year-old Annie Mae Owens filed a lawsuit against the town of Micanopy and its officials for $85,000 in December of 1965.

Micanopy Black History Te-Erika

Black Population Decline in Micanopy

The migration of Black people to Micanopy, Florida can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries,.

Pastor Larry and The Latson House

The Latson House was purchased by Larry’s great-grandmother Pressie Martin in the 1940s. Black men who worked locally at the Franklin Crates Company volunteered during the evenings after work to repair the home so that she and her family could move in.