Black History

Te-Erika Patterson

The Micanopy Negro School

Although the 1896 “separate but equal” racial segregation doctrine upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court ordered that there must be equal facilities for both races, Micanopy Elementary School was anything but equal

Not Just Another Country Preacher

As a young man growing up in Flemington, Leroy S. Chandler used to ride his bicycle nine miles to Micanopy.

Micanopy FLorida

Why Are the Cemeteries in Micanopy Segregated?

Are the cemeteries in Micanopy segregated? Not in the - we still believe in separation of the races- kind of way.

Black Micanopy Marshal Shot Dead & Forgotten

A bloody double tragedy occurred in the town of Micanopy, not far from Gainesville, in which two men lost their lives from a quarrel over five cents.

The Cafe’ Society Juke Joint in Micanopy

Yvonne Patterson was just three years old when her parents Maudie & Thomas Fred Climpson opened the Café Society Juke.

Noted Founder of Micanopy Was Born in Africa

Levy was a slave owner, yet he was known for promoting the gradual emancipation of slaves through many public talks and the pamphlet that he published in 1828

Dunmore’s Burgers

Located at 208 NE Highway 441 in Micanopy, FL, Dunmore’s Burgers was a local fast food restaurant owned by Chester.

Bishop Chris Stokes and His Impact on Micanopy

Bishop Chris Stokes is a controversial figure making waves in Micanopy. Born and raised in this small country town, he.

Black Professional Occupations in 1880

In the year 1880 census, most Micanopy residents listed themselves as farmers, laborers or housewives. There were some residents who.

Enslaved Woman Sues to Buy Her Freedom

Before Florida was a US Territory, it was ruled by Spain. The Spanish enslavement system held the enslaved in higher.