Black Legends

Who was the Haynes Memorial Cemetery in Micanopy named after?

The Haynes Memorial Cemetery in Micanopy, Florida was named after Irving H. Haines. Irving was the grave digger who maintained both the Haynes Memorial Cemetery (formerly known as the Colored Cemetery) and the Micanopy Historical Cemetery

Mattie Lou Sutton

Mattie Lou Sutton Harris

Mattie Lou Sutton Harris was born in Micanopy at home, delivered by a mid-wife. The year was 1941, the same.

Black Micanopy Marshal Shot Dead & Forgotten

A bloody double tragedy occurred in the town of Micanopy, not far from Gainesville, in which two men lost their lives from a quarrel over five cents.

Black Mayors of Micanopy

Since 1821 Micanopy, Florida has had 3 Black Mayors; Chester Lee Dunmore, Stanley Strobles and Jiana Williams.

Ila Mae Payton Micanopy

Ila Mae Payton – Beloved Schoolteacher

Ila Mae Payton was born in Micanopy, Florida on September 11, 1915 to parents Alexander Payton and Lula Smith Payton..