Black Mayors of Micanopy

Black Mayors of Micanopy

Since 1821 Micanopy, Florida has had 3 Black Mayors; Chester Lee Dunmore, Stanley Strobles and Jiana Williams.

Chester Lee Dunmore
Born in Micanopy, Florida
Spouse- Mary Lee Dunmore
Elected as Town Mayor – 1980 – 1984

Stanley Ennis Strobles
Born in Micanopy, Florida
Spouse- Patsy Strobles
Graduate of Lincoln High School -1993
US Marines 1993-1998
Masters of Theology 1996
Elected to Town Council – 1971-1983
Elected as Town Commissioner – 1993-1999
Elected as Town Mayor – 1995-1997

Jiana Williams
Born in Gainesville
Spouse- Kene Williams
Graduate of Eastside High school
AA in Journalism, contributing Author to the Boy: Book (author Sherilyn Bennett), Micanopy ACCRP Subcommittee Leader, previous Athletic Director for the WMSCC, photographer (#GodBeLegitWitDaArt)
Elected as Town Commissioner March 2022-2025
Current Town Mayor

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