Black Micanopy Marshal Shot Dead & Forgotten

A bloody double tragedy occurred in the town of Micanopy, not far from Gainesville, in which two men lost their lives from a quarrel over five cents.

Micanopy Man Arrested for Possession of Moonshine

On September 11, 1964, a 58-year-old Micanopy man named Jessie Walker, Jr. was arrested and charged with possession of moonshine..

Micanopy Woman Sues Town Marshal for False Imprisonment

38-year-old Annie Mae Owens filed a lawsuit against the town of Micanopy and its officials for $85,000 in December of 1965.

Dead Body Found in Micanopy

The body of Corey Grimmage, a Gainesville resident was found in Micanopy, Florida on Dec 7th, near the intersection of NE 1st Street and Bay Avenue. The man had suffered multiple gunshot wounds and his cell phone was nowhere to be found near the scene.