Month: March 2023

Micanopy’s First White Settler Had 10 Children By a Black Woman

Wanton sided with the Spanish and the Seminoles against the Patriots because he had a Mulatto partner named Margaret “Peggy” Saunders Gray

Black soldiers from Micanopy

WWI Service Cards for Black Soldiers from Micanopy

These are real World War I Service Cards from Black (Colored) soldiers from Micanopy, collected by the State Archives of Florida,

Micanopy Black History Families from 1815

Map of Micanopy from 1895 – 1915

This map of Micanopy was created by Leon Thrasher in 1972. It has a list of all families living in.

Black Mayors of Micanopy

Since 1821 Micanopy, Florida has had 3 Black Mayors; Chester Lee Dunmore, Stanley Strobles and Jiana Williams.

Micanopy Black History Te-Erika

Black Population Decline in Micanopy

The migration of Black people to Micanopy, Florida can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries,.

Ila Mae Payton Micanopy

Ila Mae Payton – Beloved Schoolteacher

Ila Mae Payton was born in Micanopy, Florida on September 11, 1915 to parents Alexander Payton and Lula Smith Payton..

The Micanopy Rosenwald School for Black Children

The Rosenwald School in Micanopy, Florida was a school built for Black students during the era of racial segregation in.

Franklin Crate Company in Micanopy

The Franklin Crate Company’s Equal Opportunity for Black Workers

The Franklin Crate Company, located at 311 Ne Bay Ave, was a major employer in Micanopy, Florida during the early.

Pastor Larry and The Latson House

The Latson House was purchased by Larry’s great-grandmother Pressie Martin in the 1940s. Black men who worked locally at the Franklin Crates Company volunteered during the evenings after work to repair the home so that she and her family could move in.

Natives of Micanopy Forced To Leave

Micanopy, Florida was historically inhabited by various Native American tribes, including the Timucua and the Seminole. Like many Native American.